Tuesday, 13 September 2011

TI Tuesdays!

Today was our first TI Tuesday of 2011!  Transformed International (TI) is an awesome organization based in Kitale.  Every year, TI runs an internship program for a select group of young people who are interested in using their gifts and talents to serve on the mission field.  The past couple of years, In Step has been a beneficiary of this program and we are excited that we will be again this time around!
Today, we got to meet the 2011 interns!  What a neat group of young people!  They were full of questions and comments and obvious excitement to serve in whatever way they can!  Meredith has agreed to be hostess/coordinator and has lots of ideas for projects and activities!  I’m really excited!
Today was a day for them to just sort of play with the kids and get to know them a little bit.  The kids were thrilled (as they always are) to have visitors!  They crowded around them, climbed on them, showed off their skills at doing somersaults, begged to be picked up, etc.  Teddy, Joel, Antone and the small babies also enjoyed the extra attention!  All in all, it was a fun day for everyone!

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