Sunday, 11 September 2011

Coffee Shop and Fellowship!

Jambo Everybody!
I hope you all had as restful of a day as I did!  Today was a Sunday not much different than most Sundays…  the main difference being that I got stuck with an old wire, which entered into my hand about ½ inch so I had to get a tetanus shot!  Other than that, it was a wonderful day!
Sundays are awesome!  Lunch with friends at the Coffee Shop, followed by fellowship meeting with other missionaries and their families.  It’s my favorite day; restful and refreshing!  I feel ready to tackle a new week!
Our fellowship group is going through the book of Philippians.  Today we discussed Chapter 2:1-11.  It was an interesting and challenging discussion.  Do I really see others as better than myself and look to their needs along with my own?  (Don’t answer that!) 
It’s interesting to note that the modern day Body of Christ has many of the same issues as the Church of Philipi had two thousand plus years ago.  I guess people are people, no matter what time in history they lived.  That’s one thing that makes God’s Word so timeless!
I’m sure for those of you in America, much of today will be centered around the 9/11 anniversary.  Obviously it wasn’t the focus here in Kenya, but I know that all of us Americans had it in the backs of our minds throughout the day.  May God bless those who have fought and continue to fight for America’s freedom!

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