Saturday, 10 September 2011

I'm a blogger!

Jambo Everybody! 

I've decided to move into the modern times of blogging!  I'm still planning, but not promising, to send out a newsletter every now and then... but short, little blogs will be a great way to keep you all up to date on a more day to day basis!  I'm really excited about it!

I'm hoping to, each evening, just give a little update of the day... funny stuff the kids did, crazy stuff that comes up almost daily, updates on projects, etc.  This is the kind of stuff I have trouble remembering when I sit down to write a newsletter, but stuff I think you might be interested in hearing about.

Anyway, this blog is kind of a practice so I can try to post it on facebook and send it to my email list.... I'll try to write a real one tonight!


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