Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Hey everybody!

I want to introduce you to two very special boys, Anthony and Joel!  These boys spend almost every waking moment together because their needs are very similar due to the fact that they both have Cerebral Palsy.  They just happen to be about the same age and we lovingly refer to them as "the boys" most of the time.

Up until now, the boys have spent most of the day just lying on their backs on the mattress with the babies.  A few times per day they were held to be fed.  A few times per day they were exercised and played with.  A few times per day they were rolled over on their stomachs for a change of scenery and position.  But most of the day, they were just lying on their backs, side by side, and pretty much cared for like the small babies.  This has bothered us for a long time and we have tried to make some changes here and there, but we just weren't set up for it until now!

The boys now have their own wheel chairs!  This has totally changed their lives and vastly improved their quality of life!  They now spend most of their day in an upright position, interacting as best they can with those around them!  They like to look out the window, watch TV, go for strolls (the big kids like to take turns pushing them around the compound so they can look at the flowers, dogs, cows, visit the girls in the kitchen, etc.), watch the other kids play and even attend church!

We are already seeing positive changes in the boys, I'm sure due to just being more active and engaged in what's going on around them.  Joel is actually trying to communicate!  Both of the boys have started making sounds and moving their arms and legs around to try to get your attention when you walk by and the fact that they are in a more upright position when they eat has greatly reduced the stomach problems they were having (it was not uncommon for them to vomit after being fed).  It's awesome!

Just thought I would share the joy!



  1. This is truly a thing of God...happy day!

  2. This is so exciting. What a blessing a simple chair can be. Thanks for sharing with us.